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Heritage Portfolio

St Bartholemew's Hospital, Rochester

Archaeological Evaluation

About the Project

Avalon Heritage were commissioned by MCR Property Development to undertake an archaeological evaluation to inform on the potential for buried archaeological remains at the site of the former St Bartholemew's Hospital in Rochester, Kent. The evaluation posed a variety of complex problems in that the site is spread over a large area and has not been in use for many years - it is also a very archaeologically sensitive being the only surviving part of the original hospital site built circa 1115-1124. The site, like many abandoned sites has a sadness that pervades the visitor, who envisages its past life as a productive and busy place at the heart of a community. Boarded-up openings, broken windows and vegetation slowly taking over. But, the building is marked for redevelopment into high-end residences offering modern, cutting edge design in sympathy with its Victorian origins and meeting local housing needs. St Bartholemew's has found new life and this is the next phase of it's evolution, it will provide a positive contribution to the surrounding area and continue to be appreciated for years to come.