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Heritage Portfolio

The Dye House, Rushton Spencer.

Heritage Impact Statement

About the Project

Avalon Heritage were asked by the owners of The Dye House to prepare a Heritage Impact Statement in support of a planning application for the demolition of The Dye House in Rushton Spencer.

Cartographic and archival evidence suggest that the Dye House was constructed somewhere between 1775 and 1827 by which time documents record that a silk mill had been constructed downstream of the corn mill. Moreover, it is recorded that in 1851 the mill was being run by a dyer called James Cook. This suggests that the origins of the Dye House probably lie in the late 18 th /early 19 th century and that during this period it formed a dwelling associated with an adjoining mill engaged in textile manufacture powered by water brought downstream from the corn mill.

Whilst the building was not in a Conservation Area and was not listed the Conservation Officer consideed that the building was a non-designated heritage asset which had heritage interest. As a result, a Heritage Impact Statement was required to inform upon the significance of the building and to assess the impact of its demolition on the built historic environment.