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Heritage Portfolio

Grade II Listed Farmhouse, Heaton.

Heritage Impact Statement

About the Project

Avalon Heritage Ltd were been commissioned by the owners of a Grade II listed farmhouse in the Staffordshire Moorlands to prepare a Heritage Impact Statement relating to a number of proposed internal changes to the farmhouse and relating to the proposed demolition of existing structures and their replacement by a new build. The farmhouse is grade II listed and therefore a Heritage Impact Statement was required to aid understanding of the impact of the proposals on the heritage significance of the listed farmhouse and its setting as part of the submission of the planning application and listed building consent.

Avalon Heritage reviewed the significance of the listed building and its historic fabric through a site survey and through consultation of a number of repositories of archival, cartographic and documentary sources and has provided advice to the owners on approaches to the scheme which will mitigate, minimise or eradicate potential impacts to the significance of the listed building.