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Heritage Portfolio

Caverswall Castle, Caverswall, Staffordshire

Heritage Statement on the significance of a Victorian Conservatory

About the Project

Avalon Heritage were commissioned by the owner of Caverswall Castle, to prepare a Statement of Significance on a 19 th century Victorian conservatory/glasshouse. The castle is situated in Caverswall Village, Staffordshire and is a grade I listed building as well as being situated within the Caverswall Conservation Area. Planning permission has been granted to convert the castle into a hotel and a proposed new conservatory restaurant which will involve the demolition of an extant 19th century conservatory. The owner was required to provide the local planning authority with a heritage statement assessing the significance of the 19th century conservatory. Upon inspection of the structure Avalon Heritage established that it had been subject to extensive modern intervention and that it's significance had been severely impacted. As a result its demolition was not considered a loss to the historic environment.